Hear what clients have to say for themselves:

Before working with Holly I had hired other VAs in the past for one large project at a time and although helpful I found that because they didn’t know enough about my business and industry that the onboarding/training time was more than I had. I decided to spend some time researching someone who would be able to help on a longer term basis and that knew the industry.

I’ve always worked well under pressure and juggling lots of plates at once. As I get older and want to relax more I see it’s not sustainable and I needed someone else on board to help with structure on all our launches and projects.

Since starting with Holly I have definitely had more down time from doing the time sucking jobs like making graphics, updating YouTube videos and creating PDFs. I wanted more down time when I hired Holly but with the added down time came a rejuvenating feeling that made me eager and motivated to create more projects to launch. I now see that those fiddly tasks were burning me out.

Bringing Holly on board has helped free up my brain and schedule to do more creative CEO moves that I couldn’t do before. I have also been able to more quickly launch back to back projects which equals more revenue! Woot! We have accomplished SO much in such a short period of time since I hired Holly!

Her ability to be organized and thorough is impressive but I’m most delighted with the way that Holly understands how I work as a scatter brained, over achieving entrepreneur and knows when to keep it real with me about whether or not one of my ideas and timelines is actually feasible. In my head I think I can do it all but Holly helps bring balance to my madness in a way most people can’t even deal with let alone work with!

Holly is totally worth the money if they really want to get serious about getting quality help! –Vanessa a.k.a. The Crafty Gemini, Maker, Teacher, Designer


Before Holly I was really stressed out. My business had grown, I had more and more events to teach and online classes to manage. I was struggling with time management and feeling like I was working ALL the damn time. I wanted to run a caring business and appear like I was always there for my students, but no one has that kind of energy all on their own. My organizational and time management skills are okay, but I wasn’t keeping up and I really needed help to get more tasks accomplished in a week.

Holly is the first virtual assistant I’ve had and I was very lucky to have several colleagues who work with her. She came highly recommended from multiple people. Holly can do a lot of things much better than I can. Her broad expertise in so many areas including understanding of the fiber industry, marketing skills, a broad range of computer programs are invaluable.

But the best thing is that she is a skilled communicator. She has the ability to understand where I’m coming from and how I want to run my business and to work through tasks with me in ways that stay on brand but also improve my business. She is also so good at interacting with my customers. I thought I would never let someone else answer my email, but it is a huge relief to see that not only is Holly able to give clients excellent answers, she often does it better than I would have.

I am delighted to say that I trust Holly completely. My business is my baby and my bread and butter and it can feel scary to give over some of it to someone else. But it didn’t take long before I realized that Holly is completely trustworthy and absolutely capable of doing excellent work in every sphere I’ve asked her to address so far. I am so happy that I feel complete trust in her and I don’t have to spend time checking her work or second guessing things. It is a huge relief.

I am working in a more joyful space now than I was before I met Holly. I have been able to restructure many things that consumed my time and energy thanks to her ideas and help. Tasks get done faster and her organizational skills have been a huge help to me. I am quick to get pulled down many avenues at once and Holly is good at helping me stay on task just by the way she finishes and notes the tasks we’re working on together. This all means that I love my business and my life a lot more now then I used to. I have more time to work on the creative side of what I do and I know I have the support from Holly to get all the things that have to be done done.

Another concrete example is updating my online courses. I have been picking at this for years and never getting anywhere. Holly is excellent at going through large volumes of information and pulling out what is important. This structure from her has allowed me to actually update classes and I’m seeing the rewards of that as students comment on the fresh look and updated links. It also makes me feel a lot better to feel like the classes are getting updated instead of dreading the next email telling me that thus and such handout has 5 links that no longer work or yarns that are no longer sold. Holly’s organizational skills and ability to see the large picture along with her assistance doing the updating helped me be able to do each of the tasks I needed to do to make this happen.

I would say reach out to Holly do it right now. Holly is skilled, smart, funny, easy-going, and a great communicator. She would make a fantastic addition to any team. –Rebecca Mezoff, Tapestry Artist and Teacher, RebeccaMezoff.com

I am so lucky to have turned my creative outlet into my career. Through the years I’ve realized that there are some necessary tasks that I’m either awful at or I just dread completing. Holly’s assistance has been invaluable. Her expertise and dedication have shown results in my business’ growth in a short time. Not only does Holly complete the tasks I need her to, but she teaches me how to complete those tasks more efficiently on my own. – Dana Freed, Designer, The Well Done Experience

I always tell people about Holly. She is smart, quick, and insightful. I am happy to have her helping me. I had worked with virtual assistants before, but it is really tricky to find someone who fits, so I was hesitant at first. She caught on to my way of thinking very quickly and is very good at sorting out my non-linear thinking into a path of tasks that can be completed.

One thing I’m thrilled about is that I don’t have to avoid or get delayed by figuring out technology anymore. If I can’t get it, I just ask Holly to put it into words I can understand. I am also able to hand things off when I quit making progress, and then see them come back to me in a form that gives me hope. I always have lots of ideas and by passing tasks to Holly I give myself some room to work on these new projects. – Jill Wolcott, Designer, Jill Wolcott Knits®


Holly does so much more than help me get tasks done. Her perspective has helped me develop better classes and products, and to roll them out far more successfully than I could ever manage on my own. Her perspective and insight help me make better decisions and see opportunities more clearly, and her quick smile makes the work we do together that much more enjoyable. I don’t know what I’d do without her on my team. – Kim Werker, Camp Counselor for Grown Ups, KimWerker.com

Holly is super organized and efficient. As you might imagine, it takes a lot of hands to keep a magazine like PLY running, I had been working with Jacey for a few years, and in that time I had started taking over more and more different tasks. We realized that we would need another person to keep up with everything, so we asked Holly to join the team.

It was really nice to be able to hand over the PLY contact inbox! Answering customer emails and updating our subscriber database can be really time-consuming, and it just didn’t fit with my new responsibilities any more. Plus Holly is better at responding to the customer emails than I am because she is really organized, she stays on top of an email until it has been resolved.

If you’re looking for someone efficient and organized to add to your team, absolutely, you should reach out! – Jess at PLY Magazine

I had a big and tedious technical project that I knew I didn’t want to learn how to do, having someone to ask to take care of details that I didn’t want to do is wonderful. Knowing [Holly was] such a quick learner and implementer, and also that [she teaches] me how to do things, too, so I can do it myself if I want to. But I also put things off less because I know I can ask [her] to do things [to move projects forward]. – Margaret Marcuson, Author, “Leaders Who Last: Sustaining Yourself and Your Ministry” and “Money and Your Ministry”

I had been working with some of my clients for a couple of years now, and together we were able to grow their businesses to the point where we couldn’t keep running them without some more help. I was struggling with growing my own role while also being responsible for a lot of tasks that no longer fit my new role. It became clear that we needed to hire a new VA to do some of those tasks so that I could free up my time to work on new projects.

Of course I wondered if the transition would go smoothly, and how Holly would work as a new part of our various teams. It was delightful how quickly she were able to pick up on the tasks at hand, and then organize things so that they worked more smoothly and efficiently. It was a great feeling of relief knowing that I could move on to new projects and not have to worry about the other things getting done well.

In one instance in particular, we were able to just dump a bunch of To Dos in Holly’s lap and she put them together in a seamless online system, with checklists and due dates. It was so awesome, not to have to keep track of all those moving pieces any more!

It’s great knowing that no matter what new project I start, Holly will be able to carry some of the load and quickly & easily get a handle on any new tasks or projects. I would absolutely encourage anyone looking for a VA to reach out to Holly. She will free up so much of your time, and organize your systems in a way that will benefit you in the short- and long-terms. – Jess Cook, Jess Cook Online

I had been struggling along doing everything by myself since I started the business 14 years ago.  I started to realize that there were tasks that I wasn’t great at. I tried to come up with a number of items that didn’t need my sole attention and that I could let go, which would free up mental and real time to spend elsewhere in the business.

I had been thinking about finding a VA for over two years. I have a work ethic that says I should be able to do everything by myself. So the hesitation was about telling myself a new story, realizing that I did need help and that help would actually make my business stronger and make me happier.

The tasks that were top on my list were things that required someone who was way more picky and perfectionist than I am. So I decided to start with cleaning up my Ravelry listings, since it required I figure out where all the holes were and then fix them. And then creating a wholesale catalog and line sheet, since that was simply too intimidating to tackle myself, it seemed like a really big step for my business, and I didn’t know where to begin.

Holly took both of these tasks, which to me were very daunting tasks, and broke them down into smaller steps that could be attacked in a systematic way. She kept me on track by telling me exactly what she needed from me each week to keep the projects moving forward.

With my Ravelry listings cleaned up, and my wholesale catalog and line sheet in hand, I have more confidence in my ability to communicate with LYS owners. They are impressed with the professional catalog, and I’m able to concentrate on other marketing tasks that lead directly to additional sales.

I told a business friend said that hiring Holly was the best business decision I made this year. I have tangible products that are professionally done. She communicated well with me, so that our time and my money was used wisely.  I felt like I knew what she was working on and I knew what I needed to do to help the project move forward. And, like I hoped it would, it really did give me space to complete other business tasks that I am more suited to. – Lisa Check, Fiber Farmer and Dyer, Flying Goat Farm


I already had a VA, but I wanted to work with someone who could support me in a broader way, starting with the marketing for a retreat I had in the works. I needed more help in getting organized and getting marketing, emails and more, out into the world. I wanted someone who could help improve my copy, not only edit for typos, but also for the energy of the words and to make sure they were in alignment with the feeling I wanted to communicate.

The best thing about working with Holly is her steadiness, presence, and understanding of all these elements: my business, energy, limitations. Her marketing savvy goes beyond technical into the energetic, on top of that her strategic and technical skills are superb!

She’s helped me market my latest retreat and proactively plan the next one, transition between newsletter providers, create systems to bring another coach into the team, and keep me focused on media outreach goals for this summer that I KNOW will have a big impact on bringing in new clients. Overall I feel beautifully supported and less alone in my marketing and planning with her on my team.

With Holly’s help the retreat was a tremendous success. Everything went smoothly. The participants had an amazing experience! At the end, I offered a six-month Mastermind and everyone joined.

Holly is already helping me plan the next one! – Elena Deutsch, Executive Coach, WILL: Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law

I originally brought on a VA to deal with various administrative tasks that I could do, but rightly assumed a VA could do just as well, often better, and usually in less time!

When I started working with Holly I had been and was continuing to work with another VA who recommended adding Holly specifically for more operational tasks and procedures as this was in Holly’s area of expertise. Over time for a variety of reasons, I have transitioned to working with Holly exclusively and have no regrets.

Much has changed within my business model since I first started working with Holly. What has been most outstanding is her ability to be flexible, adjust to the changing environment and yet continue to provide the high quality of service I have come to expect.

I work with a number of clients and colleagues, and although I don’t make recommendations lightly, I recommend Holly regularly without hesitation. I have very high standards and I believe my personal reputation is on the line anytime I make a recommendation. I have the upmost confidence that Holly will be professional, good natured, and efficient in any activity that she takes on and I am pleased that she is part of my organization.  – Gwen Bortner, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, GwenBortner.com


I originally looked for help in by business because I needed to focus more on what I do best, which is creating content. I’d managed lots of teams and staff before and worked remotely for and with other people, but I’d never used a VA to help me with my own projects.

A colleague suggested I consider a VA and recommend Holly. I was struggling to research options for launching a new initiative and it felt like a good get-to-know-you project.

Good delegation takes time and when you are in the thick of it, stopping to delegate sounded like more work than doing it myself. That was just wrong thinking. Growing with a VA is a commitment, and the more you work together the more you figure out how each other work the more efficient the whole relationship gets.

One of the best things about working with Holly is having ideas pop up in my head that I need to get to and realizing that I have a means to get to them. Plus my patron community has grown tremendously and without a VA that would have been unmanageable.

If you were thinking of hiring, without a doubt using a VA will make your business better, but it isn’t magic. You have to commit to the relationship. Holly is very easy going, reliable, does her work efficiently, and has great insights.  – Liz Gipson, Teacher, Yarnworker.com