You’re in the right place if you know you need help, and you know you need to be building your business differently, but you’re not even sure where to start.

I’ve worked with creative business owners (designers, artists, writers, coaches, consultants, teachers, makers, crafters, creator, speakers, etc) on building a business that nourishes and centers their unique creative spark since 2014.

Trying to contort your creativity into rigid business systems is a recipe for creative burnout. Creative burnout is really bad for a creative business.

So my approach starts with you – the creator at the heart of your business – who are you, and what are you here to do?

Then we develop systems to make that a reality.

Here are just some of the things we can come up with a plan for:

  • structuring and shoring up your current systems: taking what you might not realize you have and making it work better for you
  • a holistic content and sales plan: platforms, frequency, what you talk about, how to make sure it happens on time, and also creative time and time for rest
  • project planning: for big architectural projects, small ticky tacky to-dos, and everything in between
  • approaching business as a craft: business is art + science + math + craft we can combine the basic elements of business to create perfect business recipe
  • starting a mailing list or newsletter or getting on a new platform: what you need, where you start, how will it help you achieve what you want to achieve
  • online class set up: nailing down who is it for, what does it include, where is it hosted, how is it delivered, why should people buy it
  • online communities: set up, launching, membership drives, stimulating an engaged community
  • writing & editing: creating a routine, clearly delineating the different types of writing that you do in your business, writing for an audience
  • photos & graphics: creating a brand guide and creating consistent graphics, how to get better photos and make better graphics, setting up a DIY studio, creating consistency and an easy workflow
  • workflows: adding ease to your business, developing standard operating procedures, maximizing your time, batching, etc.
  • creating templates & documentation: documenting how you do what you do and creating templates to make it easier
  • check-ins, accountability & next steps: business is about consistency and staying in the game, these calls can help you do that

Pricing & Process:

This process is done together with you on live weekly calls. We meet once per week, or once every other week, via zoom. I charge $250 per 60 minute call and invoice through Paypal on Fridays.

This works well for a couple reasons:
1) we build as you implement, no more complex plans collecting dust on a shelf, or templates that take more work to customize than figure out from scratch
2) you know you have dedicated time every week to work on building your business even when the rest of the week did not go according to plan
3) each piece we build naturally build off the previous piece freeing up more and more of your time, energy and attention

What happens next?

If you’re thinking we might be a good fit for each other, first drop me an email at: Tell me a little bit about your business, and what you’re looking to create.

Then, we’ll hop on a call for about 30 minutes or so, and chat more in-depth about your vision, and how we can make that happen. If we’re a good fit, this is also when we’ll decide on our call date, time, frequency, and start date.

To get started, go ahead and drop me a note at

I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

Talk soon!
– Holly


I already had a VA, but I wanted to work with someone who could support me in a broader way, starting with the marketing for a retreat I had in the works. I needed more help in getting organized and getting marketing, emails and more, out into the world.

The best thing about working with Holly is her steadiness, presence, and understanding of all these elements: my business, energy, limitations. Her marketing savvy goes beyond technical into the energetic, on top of that her strategic and technical skills are superb!  

With Holly’s help the retreat was a tremendous success. Everything went smoothly. The participants had an amazing experience! At the end, I offered a six-month Mastermind and everyone joined. 

Holly is already helping me plan the next one! – Elena Deutsch, Executive Coach, WILL: Women Interested in Leaving (big) Law